Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rock Painting

On the long weekend in May, we decided we needed to paint some of the rocks that Payton had collected over the past couple of weekends at the trailer. It was a beautiful day so we sat at the picnic table with Zoe and painted some rocks. The girls had a good time. They were mixing dish soap in with the paint and swishing it around and making it foamy before they put it on the rocks. Not sure how they came up with that idea but it kept them occupied for some time.

Payton and Zoe are good together, they get along quite well. Here is a token picture of the two of them enjoying each others company.

One of the finished rocks for our garden.....

Peace Everyone!


Payton has been taking Tumble and Bounce at Revolution Gymnastics for the past 8 weeks and really enjoyed it. She was pretty bummed on Tuesday as it was the last class until sessions start up again in September.

On Tuesday, they allowed all the parents to come into the gym so we could all watch up close and take pictures or video of them enjoying their last class. What? An opportunity to take photos of my child doing what she loves? You don't have to tell me that twice. I was there with my media bag which consists of two different cameras and a video camera. I have added a clip here of her practicing all the different types of bounces they learned in their classes.

I am looking forward to the sessions starting again in September because I love to watch her try so hard to master a skill. She trys just as hard to please herself as she does her coach and anyone else she demonstrates her skills to. She is very flexible and loves to be on her hands more than her feet. It is not unusual to see a cartwheel in the middle of the living room as she is on her way to do something.

This is a picture taken at the end of class doing her final "Ta-Da!"

She deserves a gold medal for determination.

Well Done Payton!!!