Saturday, November 27, 2010

Time Flies....

So, I realize it has been way too long since I posted a blog. As soon as summer ended, rather than getting back into a routine, everything went hairy scary and we have been running six ways from center ever since. Lots of things have happened in the last three months. Starting with back to school, Payton was very excited to get back to school. As much of a challenge as school is for Payton, she never wants to miss a day because I truly believe she really loves it there. Here she is on the first day of school.

So after school started, the trips to the trailer were limited to the weekends, and they couldn't come fast enough. And with fall in full swing the fairs were a plenty. Having spent the entire summer in Port Elgin, the talk of the town is Pumpkinfest. And it finally rolled around. Of course it was the coldest Saturday in September but we dressed for the weather and had alot of fun.

Next came Thanksgiving. I have to admit that Thanksgiving is my most very favorite family holiday. Each year the entire family goes on a hike and enjoys each others company and idle chatter. Great family memories are created each year and many family pictures are taken to savor the moment.

This year we went to a trail in the forest that we have been to before. I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Here is just another couple examples of a very special bond Payton has with her oldest cousin. Amanda and Payton have always been very cute together. I have many pictures of these two peas in a pod....

I'll try not to have such a long time between posts. But there are no guarantees. Blog ya later!