Friday, February 26, 2010


I must admit, I am completely addicted to watching the Olympics. As someone who isn't particularly interested in watching any kind of sport other than the odd hockey game, I must say, even watching curling has become and exciting event. The coverage that CTV has been doing is incredible. They play the stories behind each athlete and by the time the segment is done, you feel like you have been following their olympic quest from the beginning of time. It is as though you know each athlete personally and you get caught up in all of the emotion of the sport and feel like you are right there in the front row cheering them on with everyone else in the arena, on the hill or at the track.

I must say I am proud to be a Canadian. I always have been but especially in the last two weeks. Go Canada! Keep it going!


I realize we have been a bit spoiled this winter with the relatively mild weather and lack of snow, however, that doesn't stop you from craving spring weather. I discovered this is not just an adult thing. The other day Payton mentioned to me when she saw all the new snow, that she thought winter was over and spring was almost here. I realized at that time how much she misses playing outside. I have never seen a child that loves to be outside like she does. She becomes super stir crazy when she can't get outside and ride her bike and take her "babies" around the block in the strollers or wagon. Not only that, but the backyard becomes like a new room in the house. Suddenly all of the strollers and babies make it out the garage or backyard, the marker bucket and papers all end up in the play house for "school". The dog sleeps on the patio chairs in the sun rather than the couch, and the windows are opened up and the fresh air is let in.

The picture below is what we see when we look out the window to the backyard.

Somewhat desolate and depressing. However, just sitting there waiting for spring weather like we are.

Hopefully not too much longer...!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shutter Island

So tonight I was lucky enough to escape reality and spend the evening with my very best bff and take in a movie. You know, the real kind of movie that is in a real theatre and sells real popcorn, not the microwave kind that tastes like styrofoam. It was Jan's choice for the movie. She chose Shutter Island with Leonardo Di Caprio.

I had seen it advertised as well as seen the trailer, and it did peak my interest. I wasn't sure what to think of it. I am all for a thriller type movie but when I asked Jan about it, she said it was scary. I hadn't seen a "scary" movie at a theatre for a very long time and was nervous it was going to be too scary. Just so you know, I did jump once or twice and Jan laughed at me every time.

It wasn't so much scary as it was strange how they can play with your mind and leave you wondering about alot of stuff when the movie is over. It kinda sticks with you for a bit after. All in all a good movie. I would recommend it to anyone that likes thrillers.

That's it for tonight, I must go to bed after my very eventful evening.
Check back soon!

Monday, February 22, 2010


So, I am new at this blogging thing. But I figure it is time for me to keep up with the Jones' and jump on board. I doubt I will post every day because I don't think I can find that much to blog about. life isn't that exciting.

Below is the most recent family photo I have, it even includes Dora the dog.

I have gone through a huge life change in the last couple of months. I am back together with my husband which I had been separated from for two years, I have decided to leave my career of 18 years and start my own bookkeeping business. All of which have been very scary decisions to make.

I have a beautiful daughter, Payton, that can make me laugh until my sides hurt one minute and make me want to scream until my head hurts the next. I am sure she will be the subject of many of my blogs to come. I have been told many times I could write a sitcom with some of the stories I have about things that she says and does.

Stay tuned for more to come, hopefully I can bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart the same way my family does for me.